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Risks using unprotected WiFi (both user and owner)

Unprotected wi-fi networks with Internet gateway are everywhere. Wardriving is becoming easier and connecting to an unprotected net doesn’t imply anymore that you have to go with your laptop under the building; you just need to joke with your smartphone and no one will notice that you are pirating your neighbor’s wifi. 538 more words

Security Talks

On wireless networks and insecure passwords

What happens when you put a bored power user in a coffee shop?

You get someone playing with aircrack-ng and trying to get into nearby networks vulnerable enough to be broken in. 509 more words


Have a pi and a wireless adapter? then you should read this now!

I recently bought a TPLINK-WN721n wireless adapter. It’s el cheapo and supports host mode. The latest Raspbian images have the drivers for it. I live in India and I fetched it at Ebay for 500 INR(approx 8$, 6 pounds). 234 more words

Cracking WEP Networks

Hello People, good morning. It follows a short article about how to break WEP networks:


This document is a complement to the article Cracking Wireless Networks… 8 more words