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The Hiatus

As our three readers may have noticed, Bad Coffee has been on an extended summer hiatus.

For which we offer no apology or explanation whatsoever. 22 more words

Things what has been happ'nin

1. Both left lil old Suffolk for the big UNAAAAY life. Birmingham and Oxford (Brookes.)

2. Issy came back to the faaaarm so she can sew all day and work in the bestest cafe in all of Norfolk. 116 more words

We're Back!

It’s been a long month of fun. I’m joking – time flew way too fast. But we’re happy to be back! I realised a couple of things during my time ‘away’ from allthingswordy a) I constantly think about this blog, and blogging in general b) it feels kind of weird to  68 more words


Sorry we've been busy!

We’re sorry we have been ghost on our posts, loyal followers! We were busy building our new SITE! We can’t wait to debut it to you when it’s ready, but for now, we are back and in full effect. 20 more words

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