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Field Report Autumn 1990/Spring 1991: South Bend, Indiana

This drawing of the Michigan Dogman was downloaded from the Internet, and is utilised here via the Fair Use Act.  It is presented here as a negative of the original, in order to more closely resemble the creature that I encountered. 969 more words


THE STRANGER ONE © copyright 1994

Light breaks over the rim of one of the mountains that surrounds the valley of Eavona. A hamlet that sits on the high side of the roaring stream D’Fesmor. 2,680 more words


Short Story of The Month: Masquerade – Part 2

People are now walking away from the fight. Some men in black suits are entering the ballroom. She spots some girl in red dress weaving dramatically to her from the moving crowd. 823 more words

Short Stories

Cocky Confessions: Jax Loren of Shenanigans by T.B. Bond

Today T.B. Bond’s hero, from Senanigans, is in the Cocky Confessions hot seat.

Tell us a little about yourself.

The name’s Jackson Loren, but these days I go by Jax. 3,191 more words

Dani Jace

an American Lycanthrope in Greece

In 1991, I was in the Greek island of Ios, a beautiful place. Back then it existed for the purposes of the hard-drinking holiday maker. Bars serving cheap booze were everywhere, only a few feet apart from each other. 560 more words


Universal's Possible Movie Monster Shared Universe

Monster movies have always been interesting, real creepy and even horrifying most times, from the tale of Dracula to the stories of Swamp Thing. These old phenomenal classics were the first illustrations of horror in cinema history during the late Boris Karloff’s stardom since the early 1930’s. 202 more words

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Foodie Safari: Love Papa's Balls.

Written by Sonny West 

You’re going to love this hairy food experience ant the WEREWOLF AMERICAN PUB on Fourth near Market. Great burgers, sandwiches, salads, apps. 86 more words