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The Vampire Diaries- Season Two

The love trio is back. Damon, Elena and Stefan return with new danger and complications for them to deal with. When they left us last season the cliff hanger was Katherine cutting Elena’s uncle or really her fathers fingers off, Elena was entering the kitchen and we were left there. 194 more words

[Lent 42 of 43] Holidays are expensive

I’ve been looking at holidays again. Trying to get a rough idea of how much one would cost, and so far I’m looking at around £1,600. 82 more words



Werewolves Will Wonder Wearily West When Woken in Winter.

Broken Babies

Johnathan's Eyes

Feedback always welcome. Short story inspired by:


I am thinking of expanding and writing more. Let me know what you think.

It is midnight and mother is asleep. 806 more words


[Lent 41 of 43] Looking to be by myself

I can’t afford to move out right now. Like by £150-£200 a month can’t afford. And yes I want to. I miss having the sole rule of my life. 144 more words


The Vampire Cultists (An Unwelcome Discovery)

The date is April 14th, 2014.  This is a dream I had a couple weeks ago.  Some very lightweight NSFW content in this one.

     The first thing I remember, I was leaping from rooftop to rooftop in an urban neighborhood.   1,035 more words

April 14th 2014 Lunar eclipse petition. ;)

Stupid moon! There will be a lunar eclipse tonight from 03H07 to 04h27! The Earth will slip between the Sun & Moon and only the residual light curving around our planet will reach our huge satellite, leaving it red which is what they call a blood Moon! 342 more words