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Facets Kids App

I directed the official Kickstarter video for the new Facets Kids app, an invaluable new tool that will allow children to download quality indie and foreign films. 111 more words

Lost in La Mancha & Other Documentaries about Troubled Film Shoots

Films are difficult to make. Even the simplest production is at the mercy of a million things that could potentially go wrong. If the film you happen to have in mind is a unique, artistic epic, then you should expect the difficulties to be comparatively monumental and bizarre. 1,058 more words


N: Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979)

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I have watched a lot of horror movies in my life, and I really have no idea how many times I’ve seen the story of  666 more words

Movies That Do Not Suck

"Vergangen, vergessen, vorüber" screens at German Museum of History (DHM)

“Vergangen, vergessen, vorüber” (“Long-lost and Lay-Me-Down“) to be shown at the German Musuem of History (DHM) on November 8th, for the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. 141 more words


5 Best Werner Herzog Short Films (And The 3 Worst)

1. The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner (1974)

Not only Herzog’s greatest short documentary, but I think his best, most essential film. So many of the classic ingredients are here: hypnotic long takes, a terrific soundtrack by Popol Vuh, Herzog’s own quirky on-screen presence. 1,199 more words

Dreamworks Brilliantly Allows Werner Herzog To Narrate 'Penguins Of Madagascar'

That Werner Herzog should narrate one of those penguin movies has been a joke ever since Herzog did his own movie about Antarctica. Luckily Dreamworks has lots of money and will do anything that seems like it’s popular, which is why you can now hear Herzog playing the narrator version of himself in this new clip from… 348 more words

Film Drunk

Dawn Rise

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Dawn Rise

Above the world she watches,

ageless, timeless,

eternal as the stars,

all the millions glowing throughout the night.

The world changes, evolves, 98 more words