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Is Scream 5 and 6 Still an Option Hence the Developing MTV Series?

Inspired by other hit horror films like John Carpenter’s Halloween and more, Scream brought upon the new age of horror as it revitalized the horror genre in the 90s. 372 more words


The Goddess’s Favorite Creepy Movie Scenes, or Let’s All Follow the Body Bag

I know, I know. I did say, in my previous piece on The Tenant, that I was going to try to avoid discussing the better-known horror fare as much as possible, and yet here I am, sorta already breaking that rule. 1,214 more words


Interview - Richard Warnock

After this interview you’ll only have one person left in my life nest to meet. Today, let me introduce you to Richard Warnock.

Richard studied fine-arts at university before sticking it to the man and deciding art doesn’t have rules and shouldn’t be numbers of constraints. 552 more words


The Serpent and the Rainbow

A zombie movie that goes back to the origin of zonbi. This movie has haitian voodoo, sex, and a lot of drugs – not good ones. 84 more words

Movie Review

Halloween Film Month, Day 2: Deadly Friend

Originally published October 2, 2013, as the second part of a 31 part series during the month of October.

This review contains spoilers.

Director: Wes Craven… 1,106 more words

Freddy resurrected one last time...

Posted by: Anthony Wallace

It was Flashback Weekend in Chicago that saw horror legend Robert Englund don the makeup of Fred Krueger for the last time. 255 more words

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Top 20 Fight Scenes

Everyone has that one cinematic brawl that sticks with them. They buy special edition Blu-rays to watch the glorious scenes in high definition, wear shirts sporting their favorite competitor, and even engage in debates with other fans about who they think would win if the engagement occurred in real life. 3,472 more words