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The Ectomancer

September, 2011

It was clear that being in the safe house didn’t make Marvel feel any safer, Tim noticed as he cooked up some food. After taking a closer look at the bite on his side, Tim sent Marvel upstairs to the third floor bedroom to get cleaned up. 3,169 more words


Dreams of the inner city

10th September 2002 – Dreams (Largan Lmini 350)

Over the past week or so I’ve changed my mind again.

I thought I knew where I wanted to move to, I thought I wanted to stay in the ‘burbs, near the sea. 70 more words

1000 Words Sept To Dec 2002

Month Six

Dear Wes,

Happy Six Months sweet guy!

At six months you are charmingly social, unreservedly friendly and unabashedly gluttonous. The biggest news that happened this month is that you get to wear a helmet! 1,347 more words

Widespread Genome Testing Likely to Lower Total Medical Spending

The cost of sequencing has been rapidly dropping ever since the first complete human genome was sequenced over a decade ago. Conventional wisdom says that should lead to an overall drop in medical spending. 599 more words

Welker Now Taking Literal Hits?

Stories have exploded over the past few days of Pro-Bowl Wide Receiver Wes Welker (who is typically mild-mannered) in his apparent Kentucky Derby drug usage. Welker has been banned for the first four weeks of the season due to the NFL’s drug usage policy against amphetamines. 294 more words


Nature vs. Nurture in Genomics: Why Both Are Important

Many factors affect how genes express themselves. Until now, this blog has exclusively discussed how understanding specific variations in an individual genome allow us to determine impact on health. 366 more words