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Dick pic demise

Ok so this post is a little late. Forgive me

So what is Rebecca’s deal? I want to trust her but I don’t think I can. 297 more words

How To Get Away With Murder S1E4 Recap: Everyone hates their boss

By Lexie Schapitl

I’d like to open this recap by saying something I have yet to say about HTGAWM: this week’s episode was GOOD. For the first time since the show began, I was sucked in to the storyline. 1,274 more words

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How To Get Away With Murder: Episode 4

The beginning of this episode officially creeped me out!

It starts off with the students with Rebecca in the office after Mr. Keating has been murdered and someone is at the door and they have to hide. 737 more words

How To Get Away With Murder

How to calculate dynamically appended table rows using jQuery

I am new to jQuery and I am stuck.
I am dynamically adding rows to a jQuery table. I want to calculate each row (length * width) = row-total… 789 more words


Are you a #Kenyan student considering applying to graduate school in the US? A few tips

Today a friend asked to see a copy of my statement of purpose for my graduate school application. While searching through my mail for a copy, I came across an email I had written in reply to the request below: 1,367 more words


Printing the contents of a two-dimensional array

The point of this program is to read characters from a txt file and store them into a 2D array. After this has been accomplished, the information is to be printed in the same manner it is read from in the txt file. 284 more words