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Friendly Neighborhood Friendship, part I

Christianity Today recently posted an essay by Wesley Hill on friendship. It raises some excellent points; while I don’t agree with every conclusion he makes, it’s very much worth reading. 654 more words


A Healthy Confusion

Hats off to Christianity Today Magazine for their bold cover story “Why Can’t Men be Friends” written by Wesley Hill. The article encourages deep (rather than shallow) friendships among Christians of the same sex. 204 more words

Is Celibacy the New Form of Reparative Therapy for Lesbians and Gays?

Religion News Service published an article this week entitled “Gay, Christian and … celibate: The changing face of the homosexuality debate,” which examines how the concept of celibacy is re-shaping the conservative religious establishment’s approach to lesbian and gay issues.   717 more words


When Morality and Experience Clash

Over the past year, as I have struggled to sort through what I believe about my sexual orientation and how I am to live, I have come up against a conflicting conundrum. 1,299 more words

Queer Thoughts