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Gotta Love Those Fans

In Albania, Atheist fanatics pulled a change, they tortured and killed the Catholics Most religious fanatics (Catholics of the Inquisition) kill for god, so the atheists get points for less hypocrisy. 127 more words

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The Expendables 3’s palpable desperation to stay in vogue, despite the franchises misfit appeal, is reprehensibly shameless and misjudged.

“We’re not the future anymore.”

Sly, you slippery and treacherous toad, you give a fresh new meaning to your nickname after the ruse you’ve pulled here. 1,024 more words


Review: The Expendables 3- Come for the Sly. Stay for the Mel.

I probably have far too much affection for action stars of the 1980’s than is healthy for a 21 year-old Film Student. There has been many a time where my affection for Stallone, Schwarzenegger and the like has clouded my judgement from time to time. 1,269 more words

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Darke Reviews - Expendables 3

Ah the stars of yore trying to get one last paycheck. Except, it’s not the stars of yore in this one; is it? What happens when you try to make a movie where you have older actors and individuals trying to pass the torch to younger ones? 880 more words


Movie Review: Gallowwalkers

Any respect I may have had for Wesley Snipes has been incinerated.

Gallowwalkers claims to be a horror western about Snipes killing people and then killing them again after they come back alive. 960 more words


U.S. Marshals Review

A while back, I saw the Fugitive. It was a pretty good film, but I unfortunately forgot most of it. A few scenes here and there to be sure, but my memory isn’t as clear as it once was. 1,747 more words

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