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Israel beyond rogue state - now a pariah state

The continued invasion of Gaza by the IDF and its systematic destruction from the air has moved well beyond disproportionate to criminal. Yet despite the wanton and calculated destruction of homes, … 1,026 more words

John Key

Boycott Israeli Products

Just today I turned over my favourite types of dates (Halawi) and I was ashamed to see where they came from:

Israeli settlement in the West Bank?? 140 more words


The Middle-East crisis: Why finding a lasting peace is proving so tedious

- Mrunal Nakashe

As the conflict in Gaza enters its 24rd day, we reflect on the various hurdles to a truce…

The kidnapping and subsequent killing of thee Israeli youths, allegedly by Hamas in mid-June, sparked this latest upsurge of violence in the Gaza Strip. 835 more words


Karama al-Hashlamon found burned to death near Hebron

This is not an aberration. it is not the first time. There have been multiple kidnapping attempts by vengeful Jews in order to maim, torture and kill Palestinians out of impotent rage that their military is inferior to Palestinian resistance.


A Soldier of Israel Frees a Mentally Ill Man Hamas Chained to a Building to be a Casualty

A soldier of #Israel frees a mentally ill man #Hamas chained to a building to be a casualty when they fired rockets. pic.twitter.com/5lqhCiYPrz

— Bob Owens (@bob_owens) July 31, 2014


The World Is Not Flat: Double Standards in the Public Discourse of Israel-Palestine

Several years ago when I was living in Korea, a good Jewish friend of mine told me: “If you don’t believe that the State of Israel has a right to exist, then the Israel-Palestine issue is simple.   828 more words

Gaza is burning.  There is little access to running water or electricity.  Israeli airstrikes pound homes, mosques, and schools. Hamas militants fire rockets at will into Israeli territory, sheltering the launchers in those civilian centers.  

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