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End of Gaza war doesn't translate into peace

(Reuters) – A week after the guns fell silent in the Gaza war, Israel and the Palestinians seem to have little appetite or incentive for a return to U.S.-sponsored peace and statehood talks that collapsed five months ago. 803 more words


A No-Go Zone in The NY Times: Palestinian Land

The New York Times informs us that Israel has seized a huge swath of land in the West Bank, that this move sets the stage for more settlements and that it has provoked protests from all sides. 646 more words

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Debunking Israel's #1 Talking Point - That "Hamas Uses Palestinian Children as Human Shields"

Of all of the false and insidious talking points trumpeted out by Israel and its allies in the U.S. corporate media over the past two months, the one that stands out as possibly the most deceitful is the one which claims Hamas uses Palestinian civilians, including children, as “human shields”. 2,062 more words


Hamas was Defeated, Until the Next Time

by Prof. Efraim Inbar
September 1, 2014

Executive Summary: During Operation Protective Edge, Hamas was clearly defeated, but was not destroyed. 378 more words

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When the occupation machine falls off a cliff

By Jonathon Cook | The Blog From Nazareth | September 2, 2014

There’s something profoundly depressing about the start of this little video clip filmed, by the sound of it, by two young boys, possibly from their bedroom window.

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Blessed Amnesia

Forgetfulness is such a human trait. In Israel, it is also an essential coping mechanism.

Only a week ago, hundreds of projectiles were being fired daily at Israel, but judging from the headlines in the media and the following public discourse, the war against Hamas in Gaza never happened. 632 more words

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Don't be rattled by the condemnations

by Dror Eydar
September 2, 2014

It has become a common and tedious ritual: the international condemnation and the outcry of the Left. There is nothing to get excited about here. 327 more words

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