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Arizona-- Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon…

My spontaneous trip to the west coast took me to the beautiful state of Arizona.

The road trip to the Grand Canyon was long but so beautiful because mountains always surrounded me. 478 more words


TWL Travels: Our Top 5 Favorite Hidden Treasure Hikes

Hello readers! Once again, it’s been too long! I’ve been jamming to my favorite artist’s new album in an effort to chase away some Monday blues. 1,002 more words


Cover of the Week: 'West Coast' (Lana del Rey) — Royal Blood

Two-man rock band Royal Blood took to a Dutch radio station this past week to cover Lana del Rey’s ‘West Coast’. The distorted guitars, Mike Kerr’s voice, and the laid-back, organic tempo all make for a very, very sexy cover that demonstrate how much they deserve their recent… 13 more words


Single | Fourth And Folsom “I Won’t Fall”

Fourth and Folsom are a four-piece british band influenced by West Coast melodies. We are always glad to find this kind of bands. Their sounds make you feel welcomed and loved. 40 more words


Acer campestre

COMMON NAME: field maple/ hedge maple

FAMILY NAME: Sapindaceae

  • palmately lobed leaves
  • samaras are almost horizontally attached compared to other maples
  • tolerates drought, compacted soil (almost anything)
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Viburnum lantana

COMMON NAME: wayfaring tree

FAMILY NAME: Adoxaceae

  • leathery leaves with prominent veins and axillary buds
  • grows eventually into a small tree, but shrubby at first (takes approximately 5 years)
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