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A perpetual reason to be optimistic

In the West Fjords of Iceland there is a small settlement called Breiðavík (meaning wide bay). A long history of whaling, puffin hunting and sheep farming has now made way for tourism. 67 more words


What Has Been Up - Misc Pics Post

Wooooow I am rather impressed by my determination to continue writing up posts even when they get deleted upon saving or publishing… This is the second time in a row that WordPress deletes my posts about to be published without any valid reason. 1,512 more words

July 14: Witchcraft in Holt

Paper clippings create my new identity. I suppose my previous identity was composed of clippings of one kind or another anyway. My family, friends, and I created the glue that held it all together, but the individual scraps came from any number of places. 381 more words


Pool with a View

The good staff at the Fosshotel in Patreksfjordur recommended a thermal pool over the mountains at Reykjarfjordur. So off we set for a place where a large shed stood as the changing room and an offertory box was posted for those wanting to help pay for the upkeep of the amenity. 199 more words