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engaged | josh + jaimie

Josh and Jaimie have one of the most beautiful relationships that I have ever witnessed. Their completely selfless love and devotion for each other shine even brighter in person than it does in these photos. 56 more words

Christina Elizabeth Photography

engaged | mike + sarah

Mike and Sarah are two delightful individuals who, when together, seem to bring out the absolute best in each other. It was a blast¬†strolling the streets of quaint, downtown Frankfort capturing their love and listening to them reminisce about their first date and “how we met” stories. 25 more words

junior | julia

Who says juniors in high school can’t have senior-esque photos? (Especially when you’re as beautiful as Julia.)

Josh - 2015 Rockford High School Senior {Laura Elizabeth's Photography | West Michigan Photographer}

Meet Josh everyone! Such a great kid! I was introduced to this family a couple years back by their aunt, my co-worker. I was honored to be their house/dog sitter for 2 years while they took vacations! 91 more words


Date at the Grand Haven Pier! {Laura Elizabeth's Photography | West Michigan Photographer}

Pretty much in love with this place! We have been blessed to have many fun memories here through our dating life and now our married life! 57 more words