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Blurred Lines

Blurring lines is big in bigfootery.  The hucksters have to swerve and spin often.

When you sue someone with, in our opinion, greed, unclean hands ( a legal term that  fit) and a mean spirit in your heart, and then utterly lose, you gotta blur some lines to salvage the situation. 329 more words


Easter Up The Hollow

Today, Easter Sunday 2014, was a day to remember. My wife and I, along with her sister, and her sister’s daughter and husband, attended Saint Johannes Lutheran Church… 453 more words


Getting to the Middle of nowhere

 (from a Middle Island meadow, looking back to a bridge over the Ohio River)

A photo journey to Middle Island in the Ohio River, part of a national wildlife refuge… 68 more words


Route 219: The Seneca Trail

While many of my co-workers and teacher friends were spending their spring break on a beach somewhere, I must have lost my mind because I scheduled a mammogram, a skin cancer screening with the dermatologist, and a dentist appointment to get a split tooth extracted… all.in a course of 24 hours. 1,886 more words


The Mothman Reborn Part 3

The Mothman Reborn Part 3

Daryl awoke on his stomach, his head facing the power plant. It looked better in the darkness. Encapsulated by the night made it look more peaceful, quiet; it looked more like a comforting place, away from people, away from the world. 1,099 more words


Spring has Arrived

Spring has finally come to us here at Green Grove! Since my frustrated post during spring break a couple weeks ago we have finally gotten going with the spring work. 523 more words