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What's your West Wing story?

The West Wing turned fifteen on September 22nd, 2014.

Fifteen years is a long time. Fifteen years ago, we were worrying about the Millennium Bug, paying $700 for DVD players, and using pagers. 166 more words

Aaron Sorkin

Semicircular Canals

One of the courses that I teach is AP Psychology, and today we talked about sensation, including motion detection and the semicircular canals.  So, of course I thought of the following exchange from “18th and Potomac” where Sam recaps a medical tidbit he learned from the First Lady: 27 more words


Who Do You Serve?

I love the attitude at the end of this episode how once it’s been agreed that they as a team are going to get ‘their fight on’ 230 more words


The Jackal

If you’ve read my last late-night post, you might have the idea of how edgy I am. Edgy enough to be daydreaming about a lighthouse-keeper job. 188 more words


Are You Willing to Jump into a Hole for Someone?

A few years back there was a popular television show called, “West Wing.”  I loved the show because I follow politics and this show gave a behind the scenes look at what the office of the Presidency might look like.   363 more words


What's Next?

I’m stuck in a loop. I half-finish one thing and even before I ask “What’s next?” someone else has an answer for me. Great times. And as I sit at my computer scribbling things in order to scratch one answer from the What’s Next List, my mind just cannot stop working. 99 more words


The Mansion - Sunday Photo Fiction

AnElephantCant knock down a building
Although he is large and eye-wateringly clumsy
But if he must choose
He breaks down taboos
With a strange mixture of humour and whimsy… 309 more words

Daft Rhymes