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I'm Sorry: Part 1 in Which I Grovel

I terribly apologize for not posting anything the past week. I have not finished This Book Would Save Your Life partly because it is a pain to read (too whiny, but we will see. 157 more words

The biblical sins of the fathers

So it’s been 7 days since the Eric Garner decision came down, and this piece of video has been hanging on me. I probably have watched it a total of 20 times? 406 more words

Racism, politics, violence and terrorism....not this time

It’s funny that when you are flying and about to land it seems to take forever as you slowly descend and the individual houses and cars begin to resolve themselves. 279 more words


The Mum-slide into middle age: The top ten signs you’re ageing

Today is a ‘go slow’ day in the Neat Freak household, but for once not of the toddler variety.

Last night was a rare night out in London catching up with old friends and colleagues where more than one drink was consumed. 648 more words

How to Write a Story About Law When You Aren't a Lawyer

Disclaimer: I wrote this unedited and didn’t go back to touch it up to better illustrate my writing process.

How can you be a writer, educated in the liberal arts, and write a show about the law? 1,514 more words

My Takeaway from NaNoWriMo

Oh NaNoWriMo, you hideous bastard, you ruined me. Do you have any idea how much West Wing I could have watched on Netflix if it weren’t for you? 585 more words

The Family is Off Limits

The resignation of Elizabeth Lauten
Of course I immediately thought of The West Wing when I read about her comments over the weekend.  I pictured President Bartlet fuming over it and telling CJ to get him that “staffer” right away so he could give it to her.  6 more words

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