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Castleford, UK: Teenager critically injured

A teenager was critically injured when he was hit by a train on the Castleford manually controlled full-barrier level crossing. The 17-year-old was airlifted to hospital following the incident that occurred shortly before 18.00 on August 20th, 2014.

Level Crossing

The Halifax Slasher

The Halifax Slasher was the supposed attacker in an incident of mass hysteria that occurred in the town of Halifax, England, in November 1938 following a series of reported attacks on local people, mostly women. 451 more words

British History

Richard's a Huddersfield Giant match ball winner!

We all know Richard is a massive Huddersfield Giants fan so he was chuffed to bits when he won a signed match ball received from Kyle Wood, one of the Giant’s top players.  28 more words

Escape artist's narrowly dodges death when trick goes wrong, proves Houdini-style tricks are actually quite dangerous

An escape artist narrowly avoided death when his Houdini-esque stunt went wrong.

Antony Britton was confined in a strait-jacket and suspended upside-down by a crane while the ropes holding him were set on fire. 140 more words