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The Kanem Empire (circa 700–1376)

At its height, the Kanem Empire encompassed an area covering not only much of Chad but also parts of southern Libya (Fezzan) and eastern Niger, northeastern Nigeria and northern Cameroon. 

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Ancient History And Modern History

About Ebola

I haven’t wanted to write about Ebola. In part, because I don’t want to add to the already rather loud and raucous hysteria.

But also because for some reason I think if I say the name I make it somehow more real, somehow closer to home. 1,073 more words

Florida Orders 21-Day Monitoring For Ebola

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LAKELAND, Florida (CBSMiami/AP) — The state of Florida is taking precautions against the deadly Ebola virus.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is ordering twice daily monitoring for anyone returning from places the U.S. 169 more words


Infection 101: Quarantine Ebola Hot Spots

Infection 101: Quarantine Ebola hot spots

President Obama and the CDC have decided to allow incoming flights from Ebola hot zone regardless of their potential toxic nature. 393 more words

REPOST: How the world ignored Africa’s Ebola tragedy

Ebola, the deadly virus that has held the world hostage, serves as a lesson on how governments should have acted swiftly in providing aid to Western African nations which have been hit the hardest by the disease. 1,203 more words

Brett Belchetz: Why Ebola scares me

In December 2013, a two-year-old boy in the nation of Guinea became ill with an unknown hemorrhagic illness, and died soon after. Within days, most of his family became similarly ill, with the boy’s mother, sister and grandmother passing away within weeks. 903 more words

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Vibrant Capitalism Promotes Public Health

When it comes to “diseases of poverty,” Bryan Caplan knows that the right prescription has nothing to do with redistribution and everything to do with creating conditions that foster capitalism and economic growth. 385 more words