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04.20.2014-2 Bloodroot about to open

It is still a bit early…at least in my usual haunt.  I have seen images from our part of the world that are more advanced but it is a bit of a ride from here. 35 more words

Nature Photography

04.20.2014 Owens Pond redux

Have I mentioned my fondness for returning to favorite sites? :-)  Sorry, bad humor. :-)  Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I repeat myself to distraction. 111 more words


04.19.2014 The gift that kept on giving

I didn’t get out this morning so no new images.  We went to Monson to pick up my lotus print (honorable mention) and now I am taking a break from yard clean up. 32 more words


Clear Water

The mud has settled from the winter run off and left crystal clear water. Its about time.

Fly Fishing

Meet Jesse

When I was asked to write about a successful autistic consumer for Autism Awareness Month, immediately, I thought of Jesse. I tried to write about Jesse with the very standard “struggles to success” plot line. 736 more words


04.14.2014 Gate 5 revisited

Have I ever mentioned that I like to go back to favorite places a lot.  Favorite for a reason.  I wasn’t sure how the morning would be as there were high clouds over the horizon which seemed promising, but after yesterday’s brief sunrise I wasn’t sure.  74 more words