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Africans gouged or discriminated by Western Union

Read why Africans pay more to use Western Union than other nations? So tired for big businesses squeezing poor people to make more profits.  I am sure it is because the remittances to Africa from family, friends and charitable organizations may be quite dramatic.  15 more words


Wal-Mart will now offer money transfer service

Wal-Mart has introduced a new money transfer service to its customers on Thursday and has said that the fees for the service will be up to 50% lower than compared to similar other services. 16 more words

The real reasons why Walmart and Facebook are entering the money transfer space

Make no mistake about it, things are heating up in the money transfer sector. After years of almost no innovation, two giants recently announced plans to get into the financial services game. 768 more words


Remittance fees hurt Africans, says Comic Relief

Editor’s Note:

    At a time when donor aid is declining or its impact questioned – for instance on poverty alleviation – it is about time that the diaspora from Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean tried to ensure that the monies they send to their countries to help their families back home not nibbled away by exorbitant service charges. 1,053 more words
Africans Hurt Most

Bye bye, Lucy

After some email exchanges last night that began to sound incredibly desperate, followed with promises of nude pics once the money had been sent.  I “agreed” to send £100 by Western union, but would only reveal the information she needed to claim the money once I’d seen the promised nudes (was I being cruel?). 297 more words

Think about this...

When I became a stock broker, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was $680.  You could get 10% interest on your Certificate of Deposits and Western Union was selling at $8/share yielding 15%. 71 more words

Remittance fees hurt Africans, says Comic Relief

Western Union NairobiWestern Union is one of the main money transfer companies in the area
Communities in sub-Saharan Africa are being “hurt” by high fees charged by money transfer operators, charity Comic Relief has said. 7 more words