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Mrs.Walker was worried about her daughter being out West on her own. Dawn was very idealistic and inexperienced of the world outside of her sheltered upbringing. 487 more words


Nigerians Can Now Transfer Money Abroad via Western Union

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in partnership with Western Union yesterday launched a new platform to enable Nigerians send up to US$2,000 to relatives abroad. 211 more words


Make money using Money maker Wu Software

I know there are a lot of scams on the Internet but this is the real deal. Get free money by transfering money into your hands using Bug Western Union. 21 more words

Easy Money

Western Union scholarships for new applicants!

University of the People and Western Union are offering a special Western Union scholarship for applicants from Brazil, China, Colombia, India, … 70 more words


La importancia de Bitcoin crece en los mercados emergentes

Con información de Forbes

Bitcoin está haciendo poco a poco el progreso como un medio de intercambio en los países en desarrollo. Si bien puede ser volátil como activo de inversión, tiene verdadera utilidad como instrumento de pago y transferencia de dinero, especialmente en lugares donde los sistemas de pago convencionales son inmaduros. 184 more words


Western Union (WU) Undervalued

Western Union is a money-movement company that has been beaten to a pulp in the past few years. The main contribution to such negative investor sentiment is the rise of new competitors to Western Unions business, mainly companies that facilitate the money-movement system through online and technological ways instead of  Western Union’s methods which typically involve physically going to a Western Union counter and picking up or sending the money yourself. 769 more words