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Pince & Pints - Singapore

Since this lobster only joint opened up on Duxton Road, the wait time to get into this restaurant is ridiculously long. The longest wait for a table was 3 hours! 347 more words


Ennio Morricone Tribute Concert @Shanghai

#23rd August#


“Once Upon A Time in the Cinema” is a tribute to Ennio Morricone career. This is a once in a lifetime event in Shanghai, so do not miss it. 186 more words


The Big Idea: Arianne 'Tex' Thompson

When you introduce magic into a real-world setting, you don’t only have to deal with the problems that magic introduces — you have to deal with the problems that already existed in that real world setting. 855 more words

Big Idea

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I've been thinking a bit about the genre sometimes known as "weird western" of late. The concept is one that really strikes a chord with me and I love the idea of a low-tech frontier dealing with supernatural forces. I'd hope for more out of the movie Cowboys & Aliens; after all, six-shooters and horses vs. aliens and UFOs seemed ripe for a truly awesome story. Joe R. Lansdale's Deadman's Road is in my TBR pile, and Hunter Shea's Hell Hole has certainly caught my eye. Thanks to John Scalzi's blog, I can now add One Night in Sixes to my list. It sounds dynamite! Author Arianne 'Tex' Thompson writes, "But as nervous as I am about this Big Idea and how it will be received, the even-bigger one behind it – that is, the push for a more inclusive bookshelf, and the importance of being able to re-imagine our own history without sweeping the uncomfortable bits under the rug – is one that I am really excited about. I hope you will be too." I certainly am. And the quote drawing a quick comparison to Stephen King's The Dark Tower doesn't hurt any, either! Be sure to check out the original post at Whatever.

VVG Table: Very Very Good Table

Zhongxiao Dunhua is packed with all the fancy places young people in Taipei go to.

It’s not only about the shopping; it’s also heavily about the eating, the (serious) hanging out (as in hours and hours of card games over ONE cup of tea in a cafe), …and the showcasing of your new fashion items(?) 1,024 more words


Writing Links...7/30/14


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#Scandal - #bookrelease - #wildwildwest - @ukcarina

Today is release day for Scandal, #2 in The Wild Wild West Series. This novella tells the story of ex-harlot Ellen and her HEA.

Scandal – The Wild Wild West #2 – by Molly Ann Wishlade… 1,208 more words

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