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My Favorite Movies 1960 – 1969: Shaken and Stirred

This list is very Bond and Western heavy. A result of the smaller pool to choose from and my own likes. I’ve always liked Westerns since I saw Young Guns and Silverado at time when new Westerns came out once every three years or so. 1,194 more words

My Favorite Movies


The bane of existence for any indie author lies in promoting the work.  You may have crafted the absolute best story ever put to paper but if you can’t generate interest in it then the only payback for all your effort will be in whatever ego strokes you might derive from seeing your book in print. 286 more words

23. Special Interests

By the time Gunny got back to Bart’s, Billy Joe and Annie May had left to go to Ma Barber’s and get the loot so they could divide it up and redistribute it as planned but Bart was still there in his reading room smoking his pipe with a man Gunny’d never seen before. 1,508 more words


Westerns: Typography

I’m researching typography and title stills for a short Western/ family drama I am producing, and came across these great stills via http://annyas.com/screenshots/. We’re thinking it would be neat to make some of our promo material reference retro Western iconography… 68 more words


Westerns are the Besterns

Apparently, Back to The Future III is not a beloved movie.

In fact, the common BTTF trilogy reviews I’ve been given are as follows:
“I love the first movie and I like the second one, even though it’s a little goofy, but I’ve only seen parts of the third one and I didn’t really like it.” 678 more words

Back To The Future


Does a “capital trail” lead to the Strange Empire? Viewing the second episode of the new Western series on CBC, economic self-determination, both macro and micro, was a dominant theme. 769 more words


A New Found Respect

Recently I’ve been thinking, I was born in the wrong era. Obviously I would want same parents and family, ( I know you reading this mom, ha ha). 299 more words