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28. The End

The sun gew otter as he wake acros that high duty plain. Everything became a shimmering incandescent hallucination. He felt dazed. If this is what hell is like, where God supposedly sends the sinners, he thought to himself, then it ain’t really all that bad. 1,626 more words


Denzel Washington & Antione Fuqua Team Up To Be Magnificent

According to the Guardian, MGM is in talks with actor Denzel Washington, and director Antione Fuqua to star and direct the Magnificent Seven. The idea of the… 159 more words

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The Saas Perspective: Episode 53 (12/17/2014)

Our Western series is off to a much better start than our horror series. I don’t think I have to worry about Trevor mutinying and throwing me off the podcast anytime soon. 112 more words


The Westernliad

Quentin Tarantino loves to mix genres and tropes in his films. He compares his character Django in Django Unchained¬†to the Germanic folk hero Siegfried, and we are led to compare the unfolding of the movie’s plot to Siegfried’s deeds of daring on behalf of his love,¬†Brunhild. 536 more words


manna from heaven

so here’s something delicious i end up eating often: flourless baked nutella with the texture of true brownies {hollapraize}. as an undergrad i fell in love with baking cookies and casseroles and cupcakes, so having to give up flour was also having to give up art. 132 more words


In addition to exploring the genre on this site, as noted in the About section, I am also an instructor for college-level Western genre courses. Those classes are offered at Sault College (Sault Ste. 316 more words


27. The Third Man

Gunny was high up in a new tree, a Pondeosa Pine, when the thee men who'd come looking for him unexpectedly walked right him. He' kept an eye on them in varyng ways fo most of their appoach and he hadn't anticipated them coming to him, he'd jut been there for the view it had afforded and he'd expected them to come up along he path by the river. 1,168 more words