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Ticking poem

Even we
mollycoddled by technology
experience the weariness
of the pilgrim
when we least expect it

we walked across centuries
to reach us
to reach you… 44 more words


Wanted poem

Your body is the prayer
I pour my clamoring thoughts into
emptying me

and you see into me
like I am a transparent sea
no salt at all… 84 more words


What it all comes down to in the form of a poem

What scares me is not love, or loving, but being loved. To love is easy. But to be loved? Is it really outside of the realm of possibilities? 123 more words


Dear Abbey ... London Has Too Much To Do

 It was now Thursday, and it was time to use our London Pass.  If you go to the tripadvisor site, and look up attractions, it will pull 1137 things to do (this includes individual listings for theatre shows … but still).   2,111 more words


Battle of Hastings 950th Anniversary Celebrations

The Battle of Hastings 950th Anniversary 2016

I received this message from Peter Wheeler and Peter has agreed that I may include his message on the History Walks Blog for comments, support or interest in his project. 586 more words

1066 Harold's Way

Richard III in Leicester: A People's Burial-place for a 'People's Prince'?

What follows may cut no ice with folk who believe that King Richard III should be buried elsewhere; but since exploring the locale, I’m convinced that St Martin’s Cathedral in Leicester is an appropriate, indeed special, place for him to lie. 940 more words

History Matters

Before Dawn

Dreaming before dawn
of melodic promises
gracefully embraced

- – -

Photo: Westminster Abbey, London, c.b.w. 2003
Words: c.b.w. 2014