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Journey Through London

I’ve discovered my favorite place this past June. Before arriving in this magnificent place, I traveled ¬†across five time zones while watching the sun rise across two continents from my window seat. 171 more words


Champagne Charlie’s, Villiers Street, WC2N 6NG

It conjures up a 1920′s decadence, top hat and tails and the car outside. Monocles and flappers and just off to dance the night away. 447 more words

1066 Harold's Way

UK Travel Series: London

The iconic Big Ben and The Eye, I would believe that most would easily identify which country they are landmarks of, or rather, they are perhaps included on the list of many when the travel bug itches. 629 more words


A Candle for a Cat

Out all day working – hurrah, some money! – theatre this evening, then a couple of drinks and some chat with a friend, so this post is a bit late. 317 more words


Another view

Note, in particular, the beginning of the last paragraph:

The main accusation against Richard III has always been the assumption that he murdered his nephews, and the discovery of the skeletons of two children under a Tower staircase in the 17th century has often been quoted as virtual proof of this dastardly act. 2,040 more words

Ticket Alert: Christmas Services at Westminster Abbey

Christmas is fast approaching, and if you planned to attend a Christmas service at Westminster Abbey during your holiday in London, it’s time to secure your tickets! 258 more words

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