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Bull's Story

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So, the dreaded Les at last makes his appearance just to rub Bull’s disappointments into his face.  This is why this comic strip is nowhere near reality, because in reality, Les would have been murdered long ago…by the entire town.  359 more words


Give Back Game @ Westview High School!

Live 101.5 took on the Westview Knights today at for Westview High School Give Back Game to kick off their basketball season! Unfortunately for the Knights the Live 101.5 All Stars came out on top in a come from behind victory!

Check out the photos HERE!!


Bull Bull the Dancin' Fool

Today’s strip
Gahhhh! Something has eaten away the flesh on Bull’s right ankle, leaving only exposed and picked-clean bone keeping his foot attached to his body. 21 more words


What you mean "we" kemosabe?

While more or less the same conversation as yesterday’s strip (including the DUI AD’s awkward use of “we”), in today’s strip we learn two things. 38 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

Batiuk to back champions?

In today’s strip, Texas Lieutenant Governor-elect Dan Patrick reveals the real reason he’s graced Westview High with his presence… he wants to offer Bull the head football coaching position at Dallas Ugandan Intellectuals because their first choice did not accept the job. 61 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

These aren't the maladroits you're looking for

In today’s strip, we learn that Dominican University of Ignatius’ athletic director isn’t here to offer Boomhauer a football scholarship (because that’s not what athletic directors do). 15 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

DUI was the admiral at Manila Bay

So, in today’s strip, Bull believes that Dayton Unitarian Institute is interested in his never-before-named-or-shown Senior quarterback. Naturally, this explains why yesterday Bull was hoping… 54 more words

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