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Are you a Blogger?

Whilst shooting one morning we heard a horn beep followed by a ladies voice calling out,

“Excuse me, are you a blogger?”

My response… “Umm…..” looked at Kate (the amazing woman behind and in front of the lens) “I guess?” 102 more words

Wetsuit Special this month only!

Darren’s Surfshop has Quiksilver Wetsuits at 50% off all month!

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How to quit your miserable job and become a dolphin trainer in six easy steps

This is a subject that’s concerned me for a number of years now; how exactly do you train a dolphin? I know that a lot of people think it’s quite cruel to take one of Mother Earth’s most beautiful and fascinating creatures, remove it from its natural habitat, confine it to a woefully inadequate approximation of the great ocean from whence it came and force it to do tricks for the amusement of obnoxious tourists but let’s just park that debate for a second, that’s not what this post is about. 1,802 more words


Do you dream of electric sharks?

Why do we have an abnormal fear of sharks? The chances of dying by shark is much lower than say by slipping in the bathtub. The film Jaws hasn’t helped this fear. 377 more words


Summer Round-up and Duathlon Nerves

After a summer of lots of this:

and enough running, swimming and riding to fend off ice-cream belly (just), I need to get myself back into a routine and back in action for some autumn race fun. 414 more words


One day, I’m gonna try #SUPyoga but with classy wooden paddle boards! Who’s with me?? #wetsuits