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Sick Days? WFH?

Apparently, it’s the season for illness. I am grateful we got sick now rather than it happen over Christmas Break. This was a bad bug too. 134 more words


Weather Report: Another Reason Why I Love San Francisco

It’s no secret that Bay Area residents and Californians in general are spoiled by our glorious weather. My deep reverence for our city bathed in fog might be borderline obsessive as weather isn’t exactly at the forefront of groundbreaking topic; however, it’s been all the buzz in San Francisco with the impending “ 196 more words

San Francisco

Как работать из дома и все успевать со Skype

Сегодня все больше людей работают удаленно, отказываясь от утренних пробок в пользу уютной пижамы и чашечки домашнего кофе. Поэтому Skype с удовольствием предоставляет вам возможность заниматься любимым делом, где бы вы ни оказались. 13 more words

WFH highlight the impact of having a bleeding disorder for women

This short video from the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) highlights some important issues.

  • Women with bleeding disorders experience symptoms, including but not just, heavy menstral bleeding.
  • 22 more words

Working from Home? Manage Tasks (& Teams) with Skype

Today, the number of Americans working from home, skipping dreaded commutes and opting for a home-brewed (pajama-clad) pot of coffee now nears 3.2 million people. Through these current, tech-geared times, Skype is happy to help you skip any traffic-induced headaches and delve into (or divvy up) projects that matter, wherever you are. 444 more words


WFH.io Company Showcase - Sucuri

Sucuri, founded in 2008 by Tony Perez and Daniel Cid, is a distributed company offering website security solutions with the goal of “be(ing) able to detect compromises, remove any malicious artifact and protect the web site from ever being compromised again.” Sucuri’s flagship products include their Website Firewall and Website AntiVirus.

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