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Working from home - Anti-distraction techniques

I’d be lying if I said I found it easy to focus for long periods, especially when working from home.

One things I have found that help enormously is dealing with my phone, and treating it like, you know a phone.. 115 more words


I'm actually wearing pants right now

I  just finished reading ‘The Year Without Pants,’ written by a Scott Berkun, a former manager at WordPress.com. It’s an in-the-weeds tale of life at a distributed (remote work) company, something anybody who has ever sat in a cubicle fantasizes about. 636 more words

Is eating healthy really cheaper?

The key to eating healthy, as you no doubt always hear, is vegetables. Tons of greens. And you probably hear loads of people say it is cheaper to eat healthier. 819 more words


Confidence is so important in your overall health. It plays such a big part in to your mental state. If you don’t have confidence you don’t have good self esteem and that can hold you back as you try to change your health. 433 more words

The Case for Working From Home

While I was out sick with my wisdom teeth surgery, I discovered that I really, really enjoy working from home. Sure, I’ve done it before when I know we’re going to have a half day, if the weather is bad, or if I’m someplace else and can’t make it to the office. 757 more words