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"Back To School To Prove To Dad I'm Not A Fool"

Even though I graduated college two years ago, the end of august will always be synonymous with going back to school. Oh how I miss the new pens, notebooks, and whatever other gadget I found at Staples and deemed “necessary” for the new school year. 355 more words

Using Egyptian Crossing for the First Time in 7 Years, UN Convoy Brings Food Aid to Gaza

“The opening of the Rafah crossing for humanitarian aid provides a major opportunity to scale up aid delivery to Gaza & needs to be sustained,” … 37 more words

Humanitarian Situation in Yemen

According to UN sources (UNDP, OCHA, and WFP), nearly 300,000 people are currently displaced with over 95 percent located in the northern and central governorates of Hajjah, Amran, Al Asimah, and Al Jawf. 409 more words


Donated 104,390 rice grains using tesseract OCR (MARK I)

For each answer you get right, we donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food programme to help end hunger

That’s what guys at…

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Daily Life


The World Food Programme and UNHCR recently announced that refugees across Africa are facing dramatic cuts in their food rations. The new, reduced WFP rations equate to around 850 calories, a figure that inspired  769 more words


Growing Fast, But Not Fast Enough

The growth path of WFP’s budget over the last few decades is telling. There’s no question that the agency’s budget’s grown pretty fast, though it’s also clear that the growth path was abruptly interrupted by the 2008 Financial Crisis. 365 more words


Who gave how much to the WFP and UNHCR in 2013?

The very biggest donors, in per capita terms, are small, sparsely populated petrostates and small, cash-flush tax havens. Thank you Luxembourg and Kuwait!

I’ve left them off this chart, for clarity. 252 more words