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The Banning of Orca Captivity

Has anyone heard of the documentary called “Blackfish”? If not, I definitely recommend it. It brings light to the practices of Seaworld and is available to watch on Netflix and has been featured on CNN. 200 more words

Animal Awareness


Sent for three days and three nights
On an all-expense-paid trip
Jonah was whale-puke.  What a sight!
Not to mention, a smelly drip.

“Behold, My Servant will be… 100 more words

Saving Valentina

Beautifully shot video of a family out boating when they suddenly come across a young humpback whale which looks lifeless but is actually entangled in a fishing net and looks fatigued and helpless. 17 more words


Australia has gone through a long weekend over Easter period and business has just resumed today.

Nonetheless, the past days had not been completely quiet. Issues on the rights of asylum seekers rage on while civic activism continues. 129 more words


Not long after...

The boat happened upon a whale-man named Jeff.

Hi, Jeff.


Whale Tail

Another Hawaii picture. We went on a snorkeling/whale watch cruise. Obviously I didn’t get any pictures while snorkeling (although I wish I could! The sea turtles were amazing.) 61 more words