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Nothing quite like the whale's vagina...aka San Diego for you non-Anchorman watchers

They say home is where your heart is and that couldn’t be more true. My heart is definitely in San Diego. I was born in Santa Ana, raised in Ohio since the age of 3. 330 more words


Exciting Whale Watching Scenes

San Diego is a most common place for the whale watching and there are many cruises that take up this tourism facility easily. It is necessary to book them at the earliest before the season arrives as they are high in demand. 283 more words


Tardes de sábado...

¿Qué hacer un sábado por la tarde en pleno agosto?

Pues, porque no, para intentar evadirme de este calor “madrileño” con 0% de humedad para mis pulmones valencianos; una sesión de acuarela.

Este fue el resultado…



Fishy Fact No.16

Killer Whale pods often share out the role of taking care of the young

An average killer whale pod consists of 20 killer whales and they stay together for life, often sharing care of the young.

Fishy Facts


A mouse is just a tiny rat;
A rat’s a bat without the wings.
The phylum’s full of freaks like that,
Weird variants of other things. 53 more words