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Two Poems From Iceland

Whale Watching Off Reykjavik Harbour

where rain and ink mix
we have our sealegs

our limits an omniscience of mountains
our playground a fiction of sea… 253 more words


The "Abolitionist Approach" Cult

There are some in the Animal Rights movement who are as intellectually open minded as are cult members. They seem to believe that people will just go from eating meat and wearing leather to being vegans in one fell swoop. 264 more words

Beaked whale sets new mammalian dive record

An adult female Cuvier’s beaked whale swims off the Big Island of Hawaii in 2008. Photograph: Robin Baird, Cascadia Research Collective

“When it comes to marine mammals, Cuvier’s beaked whale is the new champion of deep-sea diving.  89 more words

An end to antarctic whaling

by Tom Walmsley

Good news: the hundred year war is over for whales. For the last hundred years many of the great whales have been hunted in the Southern Oceans during their annual migration, but they should be left in peace next season in accordance with a ruling by the International Court of Justice.

Nature And Environment

Circle of Life

Some dead whales provide more of a contribution than some people do their entire lives. Maria Papova describes the following clip “Whale Fall (After Life of a Whale)” 340 more words


Push to give the public a vote on the Vancouver Aquarium's whales going to city council

Within two weeks, Vancouver city council will have to decide whether it is going to give the public a vote on whale and dolphin captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium. 554 more words


Part one (Fitness)

Part one two are the same day just different views. This one is dealing with my fitness goals Part two will be the fun I had!   239 more words