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Status Anxiety Part 1

I have to go to work soon, but I thought I’d split the topic of Status Anxiety into two parts. We all fear that one question that pops up in almost every conversation you have with a stranger, “what do you do?” I’m going to let this video sink in and then in part two I’m going to elaborate in detail exactly how much of a handicap status has become in the world’s culture (specifically in North America). 71 more words


Prompt 23

A prompt that’s actually on time? What is this? Is the world ending??? Nah, I’m just still too sick to go into work with this cold still. 98 more words

Keep The Faith

cheesy, but yet important post

I feel like this is such a cheesy post. Such a cheesy, cheesy, cheeessyyyy post, but can all girls just agree on the fact that we just… 596 more words

What do you do? I guess making decisions?

What do you do? I guess making decisions?

Do you make your own paper? Do you start with wood pulp and mix and bleach and set and produce the sheets you use? 485 more words


What do you do?

How long does it take to realize that life is everything? What do you do when you realize that life may be short, but it’s the longest thing that any of us will ever do. 475 more words


It’s still a massive trial meeting new people, even through something like meditation.  Because even if they appear flaky or weird they seem to have a life, ambitions and their shit together.   282 more words


I would, freeze for a second, scream, then run like hell.