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What Do You Do?

***This was written on January 16, 2011***

Yes, Jesus, I’m writing to You another time; there was something I just had on my mind
I’m not trying to be rude, but what are You doing up there? 320 more words

Bro. B.I.B.

What If The Worst Thing You Fear, Came True?

Think about the worst thing that could possibly happen to you. Now think about that feeling of wanting so bad to do everything you can to prevent that one thing from happening~ and you’re successful in your attempts at keeping that horrible thing from happening, for a while….but it’s still something that everyday you think about, worry about…then you let your guard down and you relax because you no longer worry about that worst thing happening to you. 525 more words


What Is It You Do?

At a friend’s barbecue the other afternoon, I was introduced to an acquaintance of his. This guy – I shall call him Rodney, as he… 717 more words


A Polite Question

I’m sure you know what question I mean.

You’ve probably heard it many times yourself…

“What do you do?”

I wear so many hats – wife, mother, sister, daughter, cousin. 410 more words

Judythe Morgan

Your Face Will Surely Show It


what do you do,

you know,

when you don’t know

what to do?

That’s right!

If you’re like me,

you take a picture of any old random thing… 7 more words


What do you do?

When no glue can’t make
These broken hearts work
Like they once did long ago

When you know how this ends
Because you lived this story… 121 more words