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They are back singing about knots ......

I love loved and still do love “”What Does the Fox Say?” — I still listen to it, I am that person.

The guys are back and have made another almost as catchy song, Trucker’s Hitch.

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They're back: "What Does the Fox Say" Creators Release New Video

Remember what the fox said?? The group who created the popular “What Does the Fox Say” song is back! Check out their new video “Trucker’s Hitch.” What do you think of it??


The Guys Who Sang 'What Does the Fox Say?' Are Back With a New Song About Tying Knots

Remember exactly one year ago when a weird little song that told us what the fox says blew up in a very major way? Well, those guys — Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis — are back on the scene and they’re no longer singing about animals. 141 more words

VIDEO: Ylvis' ("What Does The Fox Say?") New Song

Ylvis went viral with their song “What Does The Fox Say?” The song had close to half a billion views on YouTube.

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'What Does The Fox Say' Group Releases New Single

Ylvis took the world by storm with “What Does The Fox Say” last year. That video garnered nearly 450 million views. Now, the duo is out with its latest single. 113 more words


David: I Want To Do The Trucker's Hitch

Ylvis is back!!! Yep, the guys out of Norway, who gave us last summer’s smash hit, “What Does the Fox Say”.

It looks like they might have another hit on their hands. 37 more words