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What Does the Fox Say, #1016

There is a small war going on in my house.  It is between boy and dog, and this grand conflict is all about a little toy fox that I brought home yesterday.   251 more words

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sober sunday: what does the fox say?

some foxy decorating inspiration

Some people drunk dial ex-boyfriends, I drunk Etsy.   My 4am misdeeds result in vintage pulleys arriving within 7-10 business days of said indiscretion, carefully wrapped in small town newspapers from Kentucky.    103 more words


PhD's, sheds, animals, trails, phones - what more could you want?

Some of my posts haven’t been very positive lately, so I thought I would regroup and try to come up with some great material. My problem is that there have been a lot of positive developments, I just haven’t felt like writing. 529 more words


Slow down, it's sing a song time

Thanks to my sisters, I have a way of completely changing my {almost two-year-old–WOW TIME FLIES} little boy’s tantrum moments into concert mode. When I am driving, and Gianni wants my attention, he usually starts screaming and throwing things towards me– very distracting…and dangerous, lol. 192 more words


I Didn't Ask For A Video, But...

…This one’s pretty good!

Shortly after uploading the “video” for “Fried Poison” to my YouTube account, I accidentally found this one by Bronies & Mash… 12 more words


I've been neglecting you...

But don’t worry. That doesn’t mean that all the strange WTF moments have ceased to exist.

This little ditty happened a few weeks ago and I still laugh about it today. 89 more words

I Can't Make This Shit Up!

Top Ten Tuesday! The Ten Worst Songs I've Ever Heard

Yes, The Beatles made my list. Read on to find out which song.These are the songs that make my brain want to seize and I hit the change station button on the first note. 413 more words

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