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Packed: Killing Time

& now I shall treat you all too the chaos that is my brain while waiting for the trip to happen.

Flat shoes acquired. Magazines? 214 more words

Tennyson and that dick Ulysses

Shockingly enough, this actually isn’t a post about my hots for that book with “Yes I said/ Yes I will/ Yes”.

Over break in the midst of an alcohol fueled academic frenzy, the Chemist, Viking, and I (note the Oxford comma…..) 1,311 more words

Watch McCarthy Principal and Staff 'Beat It'

Source: Patch – By Susan Petroni

One of the highlights of the McCarthy Elementary School 5th Grade Talent Show was a spoof of Michael Jackson’s Beat It, starring Principal Matt Hanlon and the many teachers and staff members at the elementary school. 187 more words

Michael Jackson

Thanks KNWA!

So excited! On Tuesday (4/8/14) I shared a photo I snapped of a fox on KNWAs Facebook page & they shared it! You can view the… 29 more words

Viral video

A very popular viral video is What Does The Fox Say? This video was made by a Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis. The music video made top trending videos of 2013 on YouTube.  38 more words

What Does Pop Culture Say?

Living away from North America does not always mean living away from pop-culture. However, when you are in a remote African village with little internet and trips to the big city only once every few months, sometimes the references get lost on you. 435 more words

Uganda Blogs

What's with the fox?

*Caution, stop reading now if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by lots of foxy goodness*

Foxes, foxes, foxes… I absolutely love foxes! The fox is my all time favorite animal and has been since I was young replacing my original favorite animal the horse, which now comes in at a very close second. 544 more words