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Girl's Night

Got to talk to my man today <3 Resume the countdown! 10 nights left without him, and that’s it! Yay. It’ll come quickly. I know it will. 115 more words

What I Did Today


Of all the wonderful things I gain from being so involved with theatre, I also lose a lot of money. I don’t get paid for theatre. 99 more words

What I Did Today

Not Feeling Today

I really just want to go back to bed. But I know I can’t. I’m already taking a half day for myself and not going to my first two classes :/ But listen, my English class is AWFUL. 89 more words

What I Did Today

You Know You've Bonded When...

When you hear someone on the TV talk about diamonds and you instantly pause, take a deep breath, and scream “LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS.”

I love this kid.


What I Did Today



Candy bracelet from the lolly bag up got after the first birthday party I went to.

Today I learned that there’s no differences between candy and lolly. 30 more words

Baby food tasting and egg in my hair

Today has consisted of:

  • writing Patch One of my work-based learning module (huzzah!)
  • having baby food for lunch because I wanted to try it
  • walking in heavy rain and when splashing in massive mud puddles; getting an odd look from a man walking his dog…
  • 60 more words