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Time to pack!

Hello lovelies :-)

I’ve been somewhat quiet for the past week or so…something I told myself I wouldn’t do when starting this blog. Oops! I do have a reasonable excuse; I picked up a fluey virus thing which led me to miss a couple of days at work, and in general I just haven’t felt good. 377 more words

Fat And Fashionable

So the autumn has hit and I’m back to blogging and doing stuff again.

I seem to always thrive at my best in the autumn. This could be because of the magic in the air with the change of weather, the red brown and burning orange colours of leaves (like that of a tiger’s eye) and not to mention the festivals. 47 more words


Royal Enfield Ride

Today I had a wonderful ride of bullet and I loved it lot as the cool breeze touching my face made it more worthy. The photography session with the bike did not go that much good that I expected but still managed to get few beautiful clicks.

What I Did Today?

Tribal Times and Fare Isle Loveliness

I’m currently sat on a train to Nottingham. Most days, I work from home but occasionally I need to visit the office. Sometimes the trip can be done there and back in a day, sometimes an overnight stay happens. 478 more words

Fat And Fashionable

Zeee sketch

so i was a lil busy, but…. i had to do some practice on my photoshopping and i took a pic of the lady above and did this. 8 more words

What I Did Today

Lulu the BENOLA Boy!

this is lulu the Benola boy, the poster kid of the NGO where I work at called the Benola Cerebral palsy initiative. It is an advocacy group in Nigeria that fights for the rights of disabled children, specifically those with cerebral palsy. 7 more words

What I Did Today