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birthday jet

So my dad had his birthday a week ago and i wanted to post the present i gave to him.

Yup. Back in the day he used to be in the air force, a pilot in fact. 16 more words

What I Did Today

What I did today?! - 24th August!

Well it was one of them lazy Netflix days today, you know the one don’t you?

Really got hooked on this show on the American one called ‘I almost got away with it’ It depicts real life stories of fugitives on the run from the law in the US. 63 more words

What I Did Today?!

Date Night

We had such a great little date night yesterday. Despite the long wait and the expensive-ish, small plates, everything was good :)

I wanted to try out this new restaurant that just opened in Detroit called Wright & Company. 333 more words

What I Did Today

A Fair Amount Of Co Incidences

Today was a rather weird day for me. Due to the fact that im of the big sized person, I try to do a little more excercise when I am able. 101 more words

What I Did Today

nurse vs guard

So woke up this morning to hear my little brother’s nurse screaming at the gateman.
context? my brother’s disabled due to a condition known as cerebral palsy (check benola.org for details on the condition) and thus he needs 24hr care in the form of nurses. 207 more words

What I Did Today

my call list

So of all days today, I’ve decided to be a social being and go on a calling spree and got the following responses:

friends: so u have money to call now/ where have u been? 49 more words

What I Did Today

Something New

I’ve decided to begin sharing a little more about myself and what I like to do, so from now on, I’ll be posting every now and then about how I spent my day/week.   300 more words