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Random Thoughts

I have loads of what ifs on my mind. I wander what would have happened if any or all of them had come true.

1. What if I was a guy? 427 more words

Just For Fun

ALL THINGS – Chapter 3 part 5

The scanner’s signal grew stronger as they went. After several stops, the dot pronounced itself clearly, almost in the middle of the screen.

“It’s close,” Morinu whispered. 513 more words


ALL THINGS – Chapter 3 part 4

Morinu buckled on his bayonet and drew most of it out for his inspection. Its edge gleamed silver, reflected from the moonlight where someone had honed it keenly. 508 more words


ALL THINGS – Chapter 3 part 3

Sudenjah received word the next day from high – command… the Kaiser had agreed to his request. A Corporal came to the gate to relay the message. 538 more words


ALL THINGS – Chapter 3 part 2

“There’s still the power cells to get!” screeched the senior technician. “Without them, his ideas are useless!”

“What about the pod for the guards’ rifles?” said Morinu. 425 more words


what if #7

Good morning lovelies!

I hope that your week has been full of magic and miracles. Thank you for jumping into our sandbox today. The sand is feeling wonderfully soothing between my toes and my heart warms seeing you enjoying it with me. 320 more words


ALL THINGS – Chapter 3 part 1

The Germans in the trenches started getting used to Sudenjah’s presence. His escort marched him between men, dozing, smoking, or chatting. Sneers replaced the masks of dread he first saw when he landed on Earth. 504 more words