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THE CHAMPIONS OF NUSALLE – Chapter 11 – part – 15

The sorceress he saw on the western plains faced a man wearing a hessian bag over his head. Whatever demonic restraints she used to pin him to the belfry he couldn’t tell, but he recognised the fireball swelling in her hand. 485 more words

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THE CHAMPIONS OF NUSALLE – Chapter 11 – part – 14

“I can show you,” Mick insisted. “I’ll need my – magical stick,” he finished, knowing a sceptre was a weapon.

The king eyed him keenly then gestured. 499 more words

Christian Fiction

THE CHAMPIONS OF NUSALLE – Chapter 11 – part – 13

Tall broad arches soon replaced the tunnels, flickering yellow light. Ragged feet kicked at his sides on his journey beside a huge central fire pit. 493 more words

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854th day: He's a murderer

What would you do if your boyfriend was a murderer?

Kill him or get killed?

You only have those two options. Running away doesn’t work because he will find you where ever you are. 249 more words

What If

I am truly blessed to have people around me – my friends and family – that never judge me. Not for something that has happened in the past, and certainly not for anything that will happen in the future. 305 more words

It’s a Quill wind that blows… and so does journalism

Once upon a time… in my first salaried job… a tired embittered ancient (I guess this guy was forty) started to berate me. When he started on about his twenty years in the job, I said: ‘You’ve not had twenty years’ experience, you’ve had the same six months’ experience 40 times.’ 824 more words

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