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Internet Exhibitionism

What I’m thinking about this week is pony play. ‘Who isn’t?’, I hear you cry.

Not just any pony play of course, but this specific pony play, brought to us by some show called My Strange Addiction, which I have never watched. 651 more words

What I'm Thinking

Woman's Hour Game Changers

Today was the Woman’s Hour Game Changer list. Basically this is women who have changed the game this year in one way or another. A lot of the women on the list were working on things to do with feminism or women’s issues in one way or another. 119 more words

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Everything Will Be OK

Last week I was insanely busy. When I say insanely, I really mean it. I have worked for a least a portion of every day including weekends for the last couple of weeks and this weekend I pretty much did a full day. 368 more words

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Forgiving and Forgetting

Recently I have been thinking about forgiveness. They say that to err is human, but to forgive is divine. However, I sometimes find myself in situations where I cannot possibly forgive. 368 more words

What I'm Thinking

What I Mean When I Say "I Love You"

We were given language to use it for beauty.

We congregated at Babel and were struck with this gift, this curse… we were struck with a miracle: 667 more words


Could You Love Without Words?

Do you know what it is to love without words?

To speak absolutely nothing and show, act, demonstrate. 

To brush the cheeks of the sick or offer to fetch a glass of water or sit and listen with intent ears. 515 more words


Are You On Your Period?

This must be the most annoying phrase in the English language, closely followed by the allegedly more sensitive option of: ‘When are you due on?’ 402 more words

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