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The HashKey - A Fun Side Project

Being a consultant is fun. You’ve got some time to work on projects that cater to your favourite obsessions outside of your paid client work. And you can make those projects pretty crazy ones, all in the name of experimentation. 111 more words

What I'm Up To

Teaching Some Experts How To Be A Social Media Experts (Without Making It A Full Time Job)

A few weeks back I spoke at an epic old venue down by the river about the thoroughly modern subject of Social Media. (Obvs. I mean what else did you expect from me at this stage?) 1,930 more words

Social Media

The Glitter Side of Things

I talk a lot about Twitter on my blog. I talk a lot about Twitter in life, actually. But this blog is called Twitter and Glitter for a reason. 257 more words

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Facial Friday with Lush Cosmetics!

So it’s Friday, start of the weekend and normally the day I carry out a mini facial on myself.  I am a huge fan of… 429 more words

What I'm Up To

English Rose In Paris - Pushing Boundaries

So two weeks ago, it was a ‘wrap’ with amazing photographer and good friend Ally Byrom showcasing a collection of head pieces from another amazing talent and friend… 455 more words

What I'm Up To

Husband Hazing And Other Confessions

The phone just rang…. “Was that today that we decided on? I thought we decided on tomorrow morning!” (high-speed thoughts shuffling through the previous afternoon’s discussion…immediate rise in blood pressure… brief moment of mental denial). 870 more words


Downtown Tampa Skyline

Oh Tampa, my former home town. I miss you at times, especially when I look at photos like this one. This photo in particular is pretty special because it was taken specifically for a good friend of mine. 238 more words

What I'm Up To