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My internet is back on again now. The modem died, and I was panicking a bit, because it’s time for me to send in my latest Redington story to… 247 more words

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The Ten Commandments of ...

Have you ever noticed how often the title of Ten Commandments is used to list the most important rules of everything from buying a car to earning money on the internet?   451 more words

Ten Commandments

A Writing Retreat/ I'm versatile.

Here’s my latest writing retreat.

That’s because I’m a versatile blogger, it’s official, Jan Banham says so. Now I have to tell you seven things about me.- That’s my writing bench, so there’s one… 490 more words

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The Writing Process Blog Tour Stops Here

Welcome to the Writing Process Blog Tour!

My Wordsmith Studio writer-friend Gerry Wilson invited me to participate. Gerry is a native Mississippian and has completed two books: most recently  936 more words

NaNo/ROW80 Participation

CampNaNoWriMo July 2014

Today kicks off CampNaNoWriMo‘s July event.

At first, I thought I was going to skip this one and just focus on coming up with an idea for the BIG event in November.  261 more words

NaNo/ROW80 Participation

Julia's Demise

Julia’s Demise

Julia loved spending time on the net
More than she loved playing with her pet.
She could surf the web for hours on end. 306 more words


Your Nightmares Are Real

Your Nightmares Are Real

You live in a world filled with sunshine and joy.
You think that you’re safe from your fears that annoy.
You brush aside dreams so you’ll sleep. 553 more words