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Memoirs and their meaning

I don’t quite know what is about memoirs that makes me so drawn to the countless stories of Australians, media personalities, local heroes, cancer sufferers and religious leaders young and old over the world. 250 more words

What Inspires Me


I’m showing my photo too, for comparison, so I can see where I’ve lost my way. I can see I need a broad orange arc swiping through the middle and lots more white at the top. 34 more words


out in the bush with my brother

My brother was building a road and I took photos of the loggers at work, reference photos for my logging paintings. They’re on early shift because of the dry weather. 61 more words


Inspirational Living: Foodie Blogs/Sites


My first steps into enjoying a healthy lifestyle were truly [cheesily] life-changing, both mentally and physically. Much of my drive came from taking time to focus on me, chatting to family members about my struggles & meeting others with intolerances.  610 more words

Virtual Inspiration

Beginning the Fresh Spirited Youth Journey.

A wee About Me to start:

My name is Gillian Jennifer, sometimes @Gilliannejr, sometimes just G. I reside in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Though my family are Glaswegian . 297 more words

Virtual Inspiration