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What inspires me

through out my journey of being self employed I’ve found a lot of inspiration online and the sites I like to visit on a daily basis are Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest. 387 more words

Just Keep Swimming: Jennie’s Secret to Staying Positive In The Wake Of Rejection

By Jennie Jarvis

Let’s face it – In the writing industry, we face a lot of rejection. In fact, most people know more about how writers are rejected than any other part of the industry. 1,021 more words



Almost a month ago, I wrote about my major purge in “Distractions, procrastination, and releasing my past.”  Through that process I let go of a LOT of things that I no longer needed, wanted, used, and never really wanted at all but was guilted into taking.  346 more words

What Inspires Me

A 37 Year Old Swim Suit

It turns out that the 70′s version of swim suit material didn’t hold up that well. Who knew?

And apparently it needs to come off. … 17 more words

Random Babblings

Hobo Soup...Anybody Hungry?

Has anyone out there in Blogland ever seen Hobo Soup before?

Me either.

I opened it with plans of trying it the other day…at first it sort of smelled good, and I was like “hmm, maybe it’ll be super good.” 38 more words

Random Babblings

Hey Safety Eyes? You're My New Best Friend :)

I am getting that sick feeling in my stomach again…..it’s the attack of cuteness!! I’m sitting here working on my new baby dragon and I had to share the progress because he’s so funny looking right now, I love it. 27 more words

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