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Octopus Wisdom

I was heading out for brunch with my parents and as I was driving down the highway, I thought about whether or not to post a reading today.   484 more words

What Inspires Me

whiskey jacks

They come to the windowsill to tell me they’re hungry and I feed them breadcrumbs (and cookies).


What Inspires Me

I have decided to end each week with something that inspires me, something that keeps me going. This will be anything from a quote to a video to a piece of music or even a blog post I read earlier that week. 77 more words


You Outline? I Bet You're Fun At Parties.

Ah, wiseass is not a term lost on me.

Being a balls to the wall week into the writing of this new endeavor, (and as an aside, I smell like sand dunes and sunshine right now.) I’ve realized a major part of why I am having such luck hammering through this bad boy is due to a single blog post I read in April of this year. 738 more words


Memoirs and their meaning

I don’t quite know what is about memoirs that makes me so drawn to the countless stories of Australians, media personalities, local heroes, cancer sufferers and religious leaders young and old over the world. 250 more words

What Inspires Me