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more swans

The new 300 zoom lens is a very helpful in these swan photos. My cousin and I made a trade, two paintings for this lens.


Seasons of Colour - April

Here is my contribution for April.  The ornamental grape-vine that shades the my house from the hot north sun, is starting to turn.  It is not cold yet and only a few of the leaves turned bright red, the rest are more of a russet-brown.   148 more words


9 Random Childhood Memories

As I was heading home the other day, I took an unexpected trip down memory lane.  I have no idea what set this off, but I had an enjoyable drive home.   319 more words


walking high up on snow

I can walk on top of the snow, I always love this time. During the day it melts and then at night it freezes hard leaving a thick crust that holds me high up. 33 more words


What moves me..

THIS IS MY WORSHIP SONG OF THE DAY… It’s been on REPEAT!! These lyrics are so full of truth! God bless our fellow Catholic Worship leader Audrey Assad! 105 more words

What Inspires Me...