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What is Enlightenment

Some body said to me why do i say of enlightenment,Over the day the same person said to me why is it sunny and hot when i want to travel i said to  him just like this is life my friend all like it is never sunny,it is never rainy,it is never winter all apart this is a mixture of things and enlightenment is in our actions to deal the situations of life,its not a level of attainment that happens all of a sudden its a series of evolutions that happens with a change in your action and thoughts,the day you may feel afloat is far up,the day when the air may seem thinner you may be all that encircles the universe.
vishnu p

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IAM Free and Enlightened...

I’ve been having a time of my life in a hot and humid Ft Lauderdale, spending lots of time with Alexander my adorable grandson.  We have been very creative together, creating a giant heart space for Alexander to hang pictures of his loved ones… mum, dad, sister, aunty, uncle, grandma’s and grandad… and his dreams and wishes… He loves to be a police officer and work with firemen.   912 more words

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Why Kant Would Love Blogs

This semester I read Immanuel Kant for the first time, and boy was that fun.  It wasn’t Critique of Pure Reason or anything, I’ve heard many people groan and complain trying to untangle the information from that happy little book.  1,056 more words