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The trouble with definitions

The glaring problem with newly adopted UN Resolution 2178, dealing with the movement of “foreign terrorist fighters” around the world, is the same problem that’s plagued the “War on Terror” since its inception: we (the US, or the US and its allies if you like) can’t or won’t really define what constitutes “terrorism” or “terrorist acts.” Given that this is a UN resolution and therefore, “binding” or not, has about as much weight behind it as a cease and desist letter from Lionel Hutz, 984 more words


Obama chairs Security Council meeting (live, until it's not)

I’ll put up a link to the text of Resolution 2178, which passed unanimously at the start of the session, once I find it ( 267 more words


Airstrikes happening in Syria

US and supposedly other coalition aircraft are striking Daesh (there, that’s better) targets in Syria. Here’s the official Pentagon statement:

“I can confirm that U.S.

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Maybe ISIS has trapped us, but are they also trapping themselves?

Dan Froomkin at The Intercept is asking whether America is just playing into ISIS’s hands by going to war with them:

There are many reasons the U.S.

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Seriously, what the heck is wrong with The New Republic?

This supposedly liberal magazine is so hell bent on salvaging World War III out of what they perceive to be Barack Obama’s insufficient zeal to do war on the Cossack that not a day goes by anymore without some borderline unhinged screed pouring forth from its internet tubes. 688 more words


Supergenius Vladimir Putin gets everything he wanted in Ukraine, except the things he wanted

We’re back on the “Vladimir Putin is an all-knowing, all-powerful demon-king” beat, I guess. That’s the best takeaway from this piece at The New Republic yesterday: 939 more words


Mission creep, an illusion in three parts

Prologue: The Problem

President Obama and European leaders called Thursday for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to resign, after months of his violent crackdown on protesters. The rhetorical escalation was backed by new U.S.

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