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What wondrous love is this?

Jesus the Lover

Like a sapling he grew in front of us,
Like a root in arid ground…
a thing despised and rejected by men, 2,362 more words

What Is Love?

Thoughts of Shamus: The Idea of Being in Love

When one reads this, as nearly 300,000 people have on tumblr, I can see where the appeal comes from. It’s talking about love! Something most people want right? 1,389 more words


Let's Talk About Love

Yesterday in my English class we were discussing a poem and got a little side tracked on the topic of love. The conversation started when the professor asked us if age mattered when it came to love. 229 more words


But you promised!

Recently, a childhood friend of my mother’s passed away. I didn’t know him that well, but whenever we happened to be in the same place (whether by chance or invite), he was kind. 1,005 more words


Can love and success be one in the same?

My definition of love is pretty similar to my definition of success. In the same way that true success doesn’t involve you, the true definition of love isn’t about you either. 553 more words



Well, I don’t have to much to say here. Except for the fact that I am ever so slowly losing feelings for men. I don’t really understand what’ happening. 136 more words


What is Love?

Recently (say for the past 18+ months), I’ve found myself incredibly lucky in love. I have an amazing partner who supports me and motivates me in ways I can’t describe. 1,547 more words