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A Spectrum as Wide as the Human Experience

I talk a lot on this blog about the things being an autism parent has taught me. Among the most important: learning to recognize difference in others and place it into perspective. 2,408 more words


We All See the Same Sunset and yet We Still Don't See Life the Same Way

I’ve been wondering if perhaps trolling craigslist rants and raves isn’t any better than reading some of the blogs I’ve seen lately.  Maybe it is just my anxiety over the fact that I while I enjoy writing, I definitely don’t seem to find the success other people do when it comes to writing all these articles I see linked to Facebook.   478 more words


Grey Sky Matters; A Morning Post of Environmental and Health Politics

It occurred to me this morning that half the American population or more (I don’t know the statistics) must be delusional. I would know, I was there – totally delusional about my life when my brain decided to get a little “crazy” on me. 635 more words


I love a circus! | Dear Diane

Is there anything ‘normal’ about ALS?  If so, I haven’t yet discovered it.  That’s ironic, since life itself is fraught with unexpected events, twists and turns.   899 more words

Spiritual Formation

What is Normal?

Fuck it I am not normal, I have never been normal and I probably never will be why should I pretend to be.

someone once told me FINE means: 18 more words


A Normal Life

Do you ever wish you could just have a normal life? Have you ever asked yourself what you mean by that or what “normal” is in our society? 222 more words


Sunday Swim - Normalcy

Normalcy always seems to be based off of what society says is “normal”.

What got me thinking about what is “normal” are my thoughts.

“Is it normal for me to be thinking about this? 626 more words