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In my youth I had a huge crush on Moonbeam McSwine, the backwoods beauty who wallowed in mud among hogs in the old comic strip L’il Abner. 156 more words

How Girls View the World

Remember in this post when I said that there’s still work to be done in regard to the evolution of the word sexy? Well, what I mean by that is that unfortunately, we are still living in a world that begins sexualizing girls from a young age. 627 more words


Sexy redefined

“There is an untold story behind every modern woman who is thriving in her life’s journey. She owns every experience she’s had, every decision she’s made and is blossoming into a woman of many facets.”- Elizabeth Arden… 441 more words

What Is Sexy?

Thoughts on being sexy.

There comes a time when every girl grows boobs and becomes a woman. But as we get older we all have to confront our own sexuality. 171 more words


Wait, I’m not talking about the basics of sex in this post though. At least not right now.

Talking about sex is inherently awkward. Despite it being a natural human instinct, it’s common to have been taught that it’s something that is inappropriate to talk about. 471 more words