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True Tales of Unbelievable Social Awkwardness: Spa Pizza Hut

I went on a mission trip to Hungary one summer in high school. I went with an independent mission agency that recruits all over the United States, and we were a crazy group. 565 more words

Socially Awkward


I hate being around when people are arguing, like that shit just triggers my anxiety to like 1000% :c

Like tonight and my rents are arguing about something or other and all I wanted to do was sleep except now I’m wide awake worrying about mum and I want to go downstairs and give her a hug but I don’t want her to get upset, but her being on her own downstairs makes me upset and idk, I just have a lot to worry about. 6 more words

Happiness Gatekeepers

I know many posts and articles out there talk about how to be happy, and some are quite good. But some, make me wonder.
Why happiness? 340 more words