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Around This Time.

2015 is coming in 13 days, at least in my part of the world.

It is that part of the year, when you start thinking, reflecting your past year and whatever you’ve done, you know, reflect upon yourself and hopefully make improvements here and there. 468 more words

What JUST Happened

Where have i been?

Okay, so undoubtedly you will have noticed that for the past, i’m going to say month, I have been MIA. I absolutely do not have an excuse, so lets just leave it at that. 742 more words


The Sony Network

Like a lot of other people, I’ve spent the last few days reading articles about the leaked documents from the massive hack at Sony Pictures. I don’t necessarily feel good about this—regardless of who was responsible for it, the leak amounts to a massive invasion of privacy that will affect the lives of the company’s employees for years to come—but it’s hard to turn away. 839 more words


Of Fats and Other Things.

Why can’t things last?

I mean if my fats can stay at the same places for 17 whole years, why can’t other things too? You know, like everything you encounter everyday. 8 more words

What JUST Happened

In Hot Water: A Tale of Awkward Interaction

I remember being amazed at seeing one of my teachers outside of school when I was in elementary school.

I’d just be at Safeway with my mom and all of a sudden, there’d be my teacher, walking down the refrigerated aisle, just looking at yogurt as if nothing was out of the ordinary. 753 more words

Magazine And Feature Writing

The Stray

I’ve never been a huge fan of animals in general, but my dislike for birds, rabbits, or even drooling dogs pales in comparison to my hatred of cats. 1,526 more words

Short Stories

My First Autopsy. (Part 1)

I am extremely humbled to have this privilege to witness a full autopsy, at 17 years of age.

Not sure how to set the mood for this post, but perhaps a little introduction on the process of autopsy (aka post-mortem examination). 698 more words

What JUST Happened