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My reaction to KamiNomi 267

edit: Changed the title to be less ambiguous.


Update: AfterThoughts.

Ok, so apparently my cca now is Writers’ Guild, which I suppose we write essays, poems and anything belonging somewhat to the literature. So, allow me to introduce the birth of another catergory: AfterThoughts.¬† 36 more words

What JUST Happened

Why I am a flamingo

Dear Future Self,

Don’t hang out with guys that want to date you. Thats how you end up on an accidental date.

Also, you are definitely a flamingo. 343 more words

Relationship Blog

Why boys are girls.

As usual, todays story is about a boy.

He’s a friend of a friend and¬†despite me being slightly standoffish and hideously drunk the night we met, there ended up being cute hand holding and a barrage of compliments. 470 more words

Relationship Blog

Random Thought.

Strangely, it may seem ok,
Certainly it isn’t my day;
Ranting here and there on a freaking friday.
Elasticity, Drag, Sigma…O Mayday Mayday! 79 more words

What JUST Happened

Didn't expect that!

- Tulay

Tulay- so did you get the links I sent?
Mufasa- yes. I ignored them.
Tu- (what just happened!)
Muf- yeah, not everything has to evolve from a worm. 66 more words