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4 reasons to hate Saturday mornings

1. You woke up too early- so this happens because most of our mums or partners or whoever we live with are on the go since 7AM and have the radio on so very loud. 524 more words


A Day at CMPB

Got the letter, booked my appointment and BAM I’m here standing at the Defence Technology Towers entry gate. Here for pre-enlistment medical screening. I chose the friday morning slot, because 1) I end the earliest on Friday, so I won’t actually miss most of the lessons in school 2) There’s a 2h+ vocational assessment(VA) which I’m not willing to stress my brain after school. 960 more words

What JUST Happened

Of Life and Stories.

Life is a story. Years are the chapters, Months are sentences and Days are words

It’s sad how many things in life don’t follow the ‘happily-ever-after’ ending and we all know that.

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What JUST Happened

Quick update.

Well, I chuckled hard when I typed the part about “mylifejustrocks..”. Firstly, it’s becoming quite a teaser from my wonderful class. Next, the statement itself is full of irony. 725 more words

What JUST Happened

Subtle misogyny

Today, I met my cousin’s new fiancée. He brought her to dinner with my family.

As we were ordering, the conversation went something like this: 413 more words

Life Goes On

David Archuleta ~ Heeeeeyyyyyy, whachadoing??

There was this going on too if you care about that sort of thing, which I don’t, but apparently he totally does now. Somebody get this guy a man cave! 55 more words

David Archuleta

How to Find Something Black in a Black Car* In 15 Simple Steps

Step 1
Go to the garage where your black car (with dark gray interior) is located.  Make sure it is nighttime, and that the garage door is closed.   575 more words