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Step forward.

Trusting the people who guide you is hard.
Experiencing the fall is hard.
Trying not to scream is hard.
Making a safe landing is hard. 18 more words


Nightmares and reality

Maybe nightmares aren’t that bad.
Maybe reality is worse.
Maybe having nightmares is a good sign.
Maybe it means reality is better.


Coding ako pag Tuesday

How I wish everyday is MONDAY! A week of Monday just like this!

M-O-N-D-A-Y : some hates this day. Most of them are complaining “ohhhh! it’s Monday again, weekend is over! 115 more words

What Life Brings

Sense of life

It’s annoying that I can’t talk to anyone.
It’s annoying that the one person I thought knew me turned out to be the one to judge me incorrectly. 93 more words