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New security system for ATM machines

I wish my Grandma was alive, she would be my security, but seriously it is funny :) and at the same time not…. nowadays we really have to be careful…


If only

If some banks would show their appreciation to all of us in some way, it would be nice. I am with my bank for 27 years, never got even 5 dollars more … but TD bank showed me, that I should have been their customer, and not because I could have been one of the people, but because they actually done something for people. 45 more words


Anything for free is good for me - London Drugs

Went to London Drugs to see what they have on sale, and as usual they use this trick on many products. For example something what cost before sale, was $3.88 and on SALE is of course $3.88 as you can see little bigger piece of paper covering the normal price.  391 more words


I think we have lots of cats around us - funny

People will find the funniest thing on YouTube. I think some¬† funny movies can relate to people, even if they are about dogs and cats… This is one of the samples. 59 more words


What makes me happy

Today we have been doing lots of work using a short film that was made in Sri Lanka. It is called What makes me happy and is about a young girl who finds a broken kite. 151 more words

General Stuff

My dare to all

Few days ago I went to play tennis, and today my leg gave in when I wanted to take the battery from the outlet and I had to bend. 96 more words



I completely agree :)

and I must add it is FREE!!!