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What makes me happy #7

Weer een nieuwe ‘What makes me happy’, in mijn laatste week van de vakantie. Er komen een paar bloggers in voor, vond ik wel leuk :)343 more words


Foodscaping - great idea

This is called “Foodscaping”

Geneva, Switzerland. Each yard is a vegetable garden and neighbors consult and plan what each will grow so they can trade. Imagine if we did this everywhere? 14 more words


Surf Seal of Approval

I saw this on youtube and had to share, it is a movie about seal surfing … nah but it is so funy what he does…. 6 more words


100 Things That Make Me Happy

I think the most important part of my recovery is taking a step back and reflecting on what I have to be happy about in my life. 382 more words


My childhood and more... blast from the past

I think this world is changing in the wrong direction, so I thought posting this will remind us of our better times….

I just feel for all our kids and grand kids and more…. 157 more words


Equation to predict happiness

The happiness of over 18,000 people worldwide has been predicted by an equation developed by researchers at UCL, with results showing that moment-to-moment happiness reflects not just how well things are going, but whether things are going better… 859 more words


What makes me happy? part 1

A very happy and fun post today because I’m going to talk about the things that make me happy. So are you in a sad mood, or if you just want to read about what makes me happy? 106 more words