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5th resolution I can keep

came to that conclusion cleaning my place…. small amount of anything is better….SIMPLICITY is ABOUT SUBTRACTING THE OBVIOUS, AND ADDING THE MEANINGFUL …

Why have few too many shirts when we tend to wear the one we love the most… 30 more words


My new years 4th resolution I can keep

I finally got a hung of the resolutions I can keep today one is easy… you can always make anyone feeling like million bucks by being nice and kind…. 80 more words


My third resolution

Yes this year I will try to be better, kinder, nicer, and all those… maybe I will succeed…


Sunday, January 11, 2015 Thoughts: judging

People are good for judging other people based on their past, their financial status, their home (or lack of a home), their clothes or style, their education or where they went to school, their sexual orientation, their accent, their religion or lack thereof, their hair, their skin tone, their weight, their teeth – whatever they can rag someone about. 155 more words

Just Stopping By

Learning new things about Salvadore Dali

I knew his paintings but I didn’t know about bronze sculptures… this one is so HIS STYLE…

Dalí is one of my favorite artists. I just love his style of art, the bizarre surrealism , the fluid lines and his trademark mustache. 7 more words


You can have it all

with the right attitude you can have it all … try to enjoy life and be happy

yes you can :)


First resolution of 2015 I can keep

yes let’s laugh a lot after all it is good for you :)