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You are beautiful and so, I love you!

Love is not natural to me. I don’t go in search of it. I don’t try to get in to it. But I do love. Love cannot be contained in mere three words that I never said. 302 more words


What Makes You Beautiful

There’s a red rose sitting in the middle of the garden, surrounded by daisies, daffodils and dandelions. Rose is the most outstanding one in the garden – the most beautiful one of all. 396 more words

Me Time

52 project where I give you a glimpse of the choas at our house once a week. February.

Month of February… weekly photos based on one word description.

5/52 Noise

6/52 My Paradise

7/52 Focused

8/52 Bright


[Fandom] Royal Pirates Covers What Makes You Beautiful

JUST. OH. MY. GOD! Royal Pirates never ceases to amaze me ♥

I have promised myself one thing the moment I became a Royal Pirates fan, and that is to watch them perform live. 42 more words


Long gone...

The sun glistened through the condensation on the window. Walliyah pulled the covers up one last time, before settling back down to fall back asleep. It was 6:03am, and Walliyah had woken up from her parents yelling and screaming. 410 more words

Year 7

The 1975 - What Makes You Beautiful (cover)

This managed to bring me to sleep last night. I don’t know what makes it so beautiful…you tell me! ;)