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What Makes You Beautiful (en español)

Eres insegura, no sabes por qué
haces girar las cabezas cuando entras por la puerta.

No necesitas maquillaje para cubrir,
siendo de la forma que eres es suficiente, 338 more words

What Makes You Beautiful

What Makes You Beautiful (en inglés)

You’re insecure
Don’t know what for
You’re turning heads when you walk through the door
Don’t need make up
To cover up
Being the way that you are is enough… 411 more words

What Makes You Beautiful


文: Spotify PR/revised by Live Norish Editorial Board


除了美食外,領先音樂串流服務的Spotify今日亦揭露出本港音樂愛好者的秘密:哪一首是全港最受歡迎的「罪惡感樂趣」(Guilty Pleasures) 歌曲。

什麼是「罪惡感樂趣」歌曲? 「罪惡感樂趣」歌曲,就是聆聽時不必花腦筋就能令人感到快樂的歌曲,當中的罪疚感與我們經常提到的「酷」形象有很大關係。相對來說,欣賞爵士或前衛搖滾等較複雜的音樂時,對認知系統的要求較高,因此這類樂曲較少被歸類為能帶來罪惡感樂趣的歌曲。 

全港最受歡迎的「罪惡感樂趣」(Guilty Pleasures) 歌曲就是令Eagle-Eye Cherry一炮而紅的< Save Tonight >。 

第二位是Daniel Powter的<Bad Day… 185 more words

Live Norish Editorial Board

Hi lovelies!

With the wrap-up of Radio 1’s “Even More Music Month,” I thought I would pick my top 5 live lounges of possibly all time to feature this week.   223 more words


Media Planning + Buying: One Direction’s Fashion Evolution

In honor of going to the One Direction concert this week (Yes… In less than 24 hours, I, me, will be gracing One Direction with my presence at their show in Los Angeles this Friday night!), I have decided to compile some photos of the group to showcase how much their fashion sense has changed over the last few years. 26 more words

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