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Talking about the funny one - Sanna

Tuesday morning

It was on a Tuesday morning in 2011, before I went to school. I was watching TV

My friend was talking about a band called One Direction, and she was talking about the funny one of the group called Louis. 618 more words

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Since my cousin showed me the What Makes You Beautiful video.. - Shannon

What Makes You Beautiful

My cousin showed me the video of “What Makes You Beautiful” and that’s how I found out about One Direction. 456 more words

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I decided to google more about them - Regina

Music Channel

I found out about One Direction when I was watching TV, I was flipping trough the channels and than I stopped at a channel called “ 363 more words

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I was watching the closing ceremony in 2012 - Laura

A Directioner since

I´m a big fan of the Olympics, so I was watching the closing ceremony in 2012, but I almost turned the TV off because I was pretty tired. 473 more words

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They made me more out going - Natalie

Found out about One Direction

I first found out about One Direction when I found their video of What Makes You Beautiful when it wasn’t out for that long, my friends also told me a lot about One Direction but I became a Directioner on the year 2012 when it was nearly the end of 2012. 340 more words

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After hearing the song I couldn't get it out of my head - Viviana

Directioner since

I´m a Directioner for like 3 years now. Every morning before I go to school when I´m having breakfast I watch TV. And once there was a sign that said, new music video and then I saw the title of it called  393 more words

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[byoo-tuh-fuh l]

Pretty. Hot. Gorgeous. Stunning. Sexy. Lovely. Good-looking. Cute. All these word are words that we use to describe one another,words men use to describe us, words that we describe ourselves with. 569 more words

Dear Ladies