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Is he or she worth it? Dating explored.

I have been asked sometimes when is it time to call it quits in some relationships? Is the time you’re investing going to reap any rewards? 92 more words


The right amount of ugly

Everything I write, is a reflection on myself. Not necessarily about someone else.

This thought has ignited because I’ve had eight veneers done on my upper teeth. 186 more words


Nasty attitudes ward off potential husbands

Adam and Eve- January 20 2015

Nasty attitudes ward off potential husbands

Many ladies grow up with nasty attitudes for several reasons. Sometimes it is because they lack wise mentoring by older and more experienced women. 625 more words

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Men (2)

The idea of giving your loved one a perfect give is an all too common one. Unfortunately, it is also a difficult one that often times sucks the pleasure out of finding that special gift. 401 more words


Single and irresistible

Adam and Eve- January 14 2015

Single and irresistible

My wife and I saw a young lady one morning several weeks ago at an ATM machine at a bank. 668 more words

5 Reasons Men Marry Certain Women But Not Others

If you have been reading my website for awhile, you may have seen me share videos from a good friend of mine, Adam LoDolce from SexyConfidence.com… 754 more words


It's fine if you're shy

When did being shy became a bad thing? Or should I ask : Has being shy always been a bad thing?

People keep telling me that I’m “socially shy” or just “shy” or “quiet” and they say it like it’s a bad thing, like I need to change that about me. 242 more words

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