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5 Common Interview Mistakes

Your handshake is firm, your eye contact is exceptional, and your thank-you notes are the perfect mix of professionalism and personality. Experts share the less obvious uh-ohs that could derail your chances.  735 more words


5 Things I promise never to say to my children!

In case I ever falter, I hope to remember these words when talking to my teenage children.

1. You are Naive

Age does not necessarily bring wisdom and youth does not always lead to folly. 838 more words


5 Things NOT to do when trying to help a depressed person

In my last post I discussed how your attitude towards the depressed person is crucial in helping them recover. For this post I wanted to expand on things that people would have done or said, with all the best of intentions, but have actually resulted in me spiralling down even further. 1,424 more words


Worst Places to Propose

On a plane   

“You want more peanuts? …And to spend your life with me?”

If she says “Ne,” be prepared to spend the next 2 to god knows how many hours in unparalleled awkward airspace. 1,082 more words

Engagement Ring

Things Not to Say to a Cancer Patient or Their Family

While keeping with the “cancer” theme this weekend (in honor of my daughter’s big fundraiser yesterday), I wanted to quickly list things to say and things not to say to cancer patients and their families. 1,144 more words

Relationship Advice: Is Your Neediness Pushing Them Away?

Are You Pushing Them Away?

If you find yourself wondering why they haven’t called in a week or why they’re ignoring your texts, you may have to ask yourself if you’re being too clingy. 410 more words


Throw It Out Culture

Last weekend I had an unfortunate accident where I dropped my phone in a river.  It sort of works, but isn’t very usable.  I assessed all my options and decided that I would just go back to my previous phone (iPhone 3).  372 more words