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20 Gifts You Should Never Get For Your Wife

1. Any appliance of any kind.

2. A Swiffer wet or dry mop.

3. A lesbian. It will seem like a great idea. But you’ll fuck it up. 185 more words


PowerPoint: What Not to Do!

I saw Don McMillan years ago at the Irvine Improv.  Initially I was concerned how a set based on the workplace could possibly be funny but he seriously… 24 more words


Is this still good? (part 2)

Read part 1 here.

This will cover all the other things you use on your face and body. Those things have a shelf life as well. 1,034 more words

What Not To Do

What not to do. Ever.

I have virtually no online presence, and I am terrible at talking to people, but this is ridiculous.  Never gets old, honestly…



Adventures in Online Dating Part 1

What’s a eco-singleton to do but put herself out there on the internet and wait for the strangest fish in the ocean to swim on by.  117 more words

I have a Confession

I’ve had company for a couple of days, and am hurting for recent blog fodder. I updated the signature line in my email form, and that isn’t enough to carry a blog post. 519 more words


Things Not To Do At 36 Weeks Pregnant

1. Buy a house, rip it out and decide to renovate it yourself in time for the arrival of your impending bundle of joy.

Here endeth the lesson.