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What to Never Ever Wear Ever

Hellooooo all!!!
Today we are 14 days and counting until Berlin! And good God I have so much to do. So what am I doing today? 1,331 more words


Lifetime Makeover Show "Girlfriend Intervention" Sets Black Women back 20 Years

i’ve caught glimpses of Lifetime’s new makeover show “Girlfriend Intervention” tailing recorded episodes of “Project Runway”. After hearing something about a black woman being inside every white woman and wanting to “bust out”(?!), I was relieved the DVR stopped recording at a 59 seconds. 860 more words


"Referee kit" - RefRod

At the first round of the new CL tournament, the match Dortmund-Arsenal demonstrated what not to wear as referee and (5) assistants.

Firstly, if a referee wants to radiate authority he should stick to the same basic color sets. 232 more words

Leven Van Een Scheids

What's so wrong with sequins?

Over the past 6 months, 3 different colleagues have made comments that I have found odd. They have all made disparaging comments about wearing clothing with sequins. 348 more words


Sometimes my life is being Clinton from "What not to wear"

Being in college you are always surrounded by new people and different experiences. An interesting part of starting the new academic year, is seeing the fashion of some students, the biggest reflection of what is in style is noticing what your peers are wearing. 546 more words

Throwback Tuesday: What Not to Wear, Retail Edition

I’ve been seriously lacking in inspiration for posts lately, and with the realization that I have many posts only partially finished, I’m going to be fixing up some prior posts one days like this. 56 more words

Clinton Kelly Didn't Think 'The Chew' Would Make It Through One Season

Call it a lack of confidence or disbelief in how fortunate he is, but Clinton Kelly doesn’t quite understand how he got so lucky. Kelly is co-host of… 370 more words