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Monday Inspiration: Just Push It

I had the best outfit creation appointment with a client this weekend! Last month she and I pulled a full-on What Not To Wear, investing in an entirely new wardrobe, which she needed after dropping several size. 193 more words


Girl, Please Don't!

Every time I walk around campus I enjoy looking at all the different fashion styles every student carries. For example, I always see this girl at my school bus stop who has dreads and wears these John Lenon sunglasses which look really good on her. 277 more words

Michelle Obama Should Not Be Hosting A Fashion Workshop

For once my problem with Michelle’s activities have nothing to do with wasting tax payer money or the fact that she thinks she needs to tell me how to eat. 1,208 more words


What Not to Wear: How to Start a Professional Wardrobe in College

Now that classes have officially started up again, the concept of rolling out of bed and heading to class in a t-shirt and sweatpants seems all too inviting. 162 more words


What Not to Wear: How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

With the beginning of fall comes New York Fashion Week (NYFW), a showcase of every new trend, must-have designer, and, of course, exorbitant prices. But let’s face it: The average American woman isn’t spending a cool $3,000 on a pair of Christian Louboutin boots, no matter how much the fashion magazines crow about their fall faves. 94 more words


Bad Fashion Advice From A Fashion Guru

I recently read a little article from some Hollywood fashion guru that outlined when you ought to ‘retire’ certain items from your wardrobe. I have read these types of articles in the past and simply snorted at some of the suggestions. 658 more words

Spandexless Heroes

Did you ever have a super style hero you looked up to? Or maybe a whole team of them, a little from him and a little from her- this site, that site, a photo here, and another here, design, designer, designee. 284 more words