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Clinton Kelly to Larry Flick: "I'll let you know when you look good!"

From What Not to Wear and The Chew, TV personality and fashion trendsetter Clinton Kelly stopped by OutQ to chat with host Larry Flick about everything from people recognizing him on the street to who wears the pants in his relationship with husband Damon Bayles. 303 more words


Pajamas… What not to wear! According to author/speaker Florence Littauer. Today's pick of the day.

“Can you believe how people come to breakfast?” Just as I was trying to decide when to introduce myself to her, she turned and spoke… 217 more words

Anyone else addicted to What Not to Wear?! :)

I know, I know this show has been on for more seasons than a few, but I am still as engaged to the show as I was from the first day. 466 more words


Of makeovers and parents

I’ve been binge watching What Not to Wear lately.

If it were still on the air, I would nominate my mother. She would kill me if she got picked, but watching the show has brought to light the wild insecurities that most women have. 390 more words

Have These In Your Closet? My Friend Says TOSS THEM!

A girlfriend of mine saw a pair of my shoes recently. They are wedges. Platform wedges which are trendy right now; she disagrees.

Her words: “There’s nothing wrong with wearing some things. 221 more words


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War on the Professional Woman's Work-wear

A couple years ago, I attended a work etiquette seminar at my college. The presenter, a male, showed us the right and wrong ways to behave in the office. 634 more words