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According to Ulrich Hackenberg Audi May Release a Plug-in Hybrid R8 in 2015

The release of the Lamborghini Asterion production vehicle showed the world that a plug-in hybrid platform works well for performance vehicles. Since Audi and Lamborghini have an active partnership and they develop their flagship vehicles on the same general platform it makes sense that Audi would consider using the technology to produce a performance plug-in of their own. 375 more words

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The 2015 Audi TT S is a True Sports Car

The third generation of the Audi TT was recently released and it’s a promising improvement on the older versions of the vehicle. The latest edition offers performance enhancements, a nicer fit and finish and very nice handling. 427 more words

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Audi Refreshes the A6 with Slight Enhancements

Even though Audi is only half-way through this generation of the Audi A6 they made some pretty major changes to the vehicle for the 2016 release in what’s being called a mid-cycle update. 451 more words

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